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R.A.S.K. wants to be your snow removal company and add you to our satisfied customer list! For further information, please contact the appropriate department from the list below.

Jeff Turner
Jeff Turner
Office: 317-335-2581
Fax: 317-335-2493
Debbie Turner Secretary/Treasurer
Debbie Turner
Mobile: 317-339-5263
Fax: 317-335-2493
Brad Niccum Account Manager
Brad Niccum
Mobile: 317-538-1537
Fax: 317-894-5458
Mike Gibson<br /> Account Manager
Mike Gibson
Mobile: 317-339-6805
Fax: 317-894-5458
Account Manager &
Vice President of Operations

Daniel Turner
Mobile: 317-538-2055
Fax: 317-335-2493
Stacey Ullmer
Office: 317-891-2655
Toll Free: 888-733-5378
Fax: 317-894-5458